Getting our ducks in a row

Hey All!

We have been hard at work all summer and have finished up some big projects on the honey do list just in time for the kiddos to head back to school. The little farm is starting to feel a little more like home and a lot less like never ending project-ville.  We even had the chance to sneak away on a 10 day trip to Florida for a very much needed break. When I say sneak I mean we ran like freaking crazy and didn't look back until our plane touched down on 10 day.

We picked up this beautiful 1940 Case tractor.  It still runs like a champ so we can use it on the farm and it is really darn cute. Can you say hay ride? 

The first major project was the garden.  We made a 3200 square foot garden hoping to feed the family 
organic food that we grow ourselves. We just made simple raised beds and added irrigation because although I like to garden I am lazy.  I hate hauling a hose around and simply can't be trusted to remember to water and that is sort of important.  It's a perfect system that goes on with a timer and the boxes require very little weeding. Everything was in the ground a little late but it is all starting to catch up so we should see a pretty good yield.

Corn is looking great!

We have quite a few pumpkins on the vine so come fall they should be ready to go.

Our cabbages were attacked by bugs but we got that problem corrected so we should have some nice cabbages.

In order to protect our crops from deer, rabbits and everything else we had to construct a fence around the entire space.  We made big double gates so we can get our tractor in and out should we need to move anything around. 

We also installed an organic pest control system!  My sweet duckies have moved into their permanent home.

Hunky Hubby nailed it once again.  I know he just loves it when I say, "So Sweetie what do you think about making a curved roof on the duck house?"  I may bat my eyes a little so he can't resist and of course he agrees and then nails the finished project. 

I am telling you I totally expect a little garden gnome to coming walking out that front door.  It just such a happy little house and the details are perfect! 

Cedar shake roof and faux copper gutters.  For the record roofing a curved roof is really hard!

The little porch light!  I brought home an inexpensive solar light and Hunky Hubby worked his magic.

The whimsical chimney!  Can't you just imagine a tiny wood burning stove on the other end?!

Now that our ducks are all in a row it is about time to wrap up our outdoor fall projects and head on inside to install floors and remodel a kitchen.  I would love to finish up the siding and get the road to the barn put in.

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