It Smells like Christmas-DIY Stovetop Simmering Potpourri

Today I am sharing a fun little fact about me.  I have a super nose and I am all about smells. In fact I buy my houses based on how they smell.  I remember walking into one when we were looking that smelled like salami.  Yeah we didn't buy it. Now don't get me wrong I like salami but that does not say warm and cozy home.  Home should smell like home not salami!

This stovetop potpourri is a sure fire to way to make your home smell amazing.   Our sense of smell can bring back so many memories. I love the when a great smelling man walks by, I love how the smell of coffee reminds me of my grandparents home, and I love how this stovetop simmering potpourri smells exactly like Christmas morning.  

This cuteness is simple to put together:

1-2 dried orange slice ( I dried them in my oven)
1/2 TBS dried cloves
1 small fresh evergreen sprig
1 small cinnamon stick

To use just fill a small pot with water and place the ingredients in the pot.  Bring to a simmer and breathe deep.   No chemicals, no yuck just happy memories.

PS.  This also works really well in a tiny crockpot!

I packaged these cuties up for the craft fair that is rapidly approaching.

Happy Holidays,

Miss Jenny

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