The Farm Has a Name

Hey All:

This weekend Hunky Hubby, the kids and I got a ton off the honey do list.  Boring stuff like brakes on our old truck, a new belt on my car that fondly refer to as the squeak mobile.  The oldest is not amused by it and refuses to drive it.  I finished up a bunch of screens that needed replacing and I started painting the farmhouse again, I started last year but I wasn't in love with the color so I stopped and our farm looked like it was having an identity crisis. The new color is fabulous and I will share when we are finished. Hopefully, that is sooner than a year from now.

The best part of the weekend was our new farm sign!!  We finally named the farm and that meant we needed a snazzy new sign to go with it.  The name came from our crazy crooked tree that was on the property.  When we first bought the place we said we were going to tear that crazy thing down but we have learned to love it.  The kids even have a song for it, The Leaning Tree of Death sung to the tune of the Farmer and the Dell.   The tree was struck by lightning and I sort of feel like it deserves a chance after that.  It's crazy looking, and crooked but it is also the perfect spot for a big ol swing that the kids play on and it makes us feel like home.  We also didn't have any house numbers so good luck finding us but we added that to the bottom of our sign,  that part is incognito since we love visitors just not every visitor who may happen upon this.  Hunky Hubby nailed the sign part, good thing we got the big sheet because I am going to need more of these for sure.

That is our funky leaning tree in the back, it leans and is charred from being hit by lighting.

And because I see the sign from my kitchen I decided to make the back cute too!

Now you can find us just look for our cute sign or our funky leaning tree.

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