Saying Goodbye with DIY Mojitos

Today marks the end of another school year for us.  We had two very special teachers this year.  Their love and guidance meant so much to us.  I always like to give our teachers a really fun gift to kick off their summer.  A DIY mojito kit is a great way to get that party started!

 A fresh mint plant

Simple syrup and sparkling water


Just a little rum and a whole lot of fun!

Mint Mojito
·      20 sprigs fresh mint
·      1 lime, cut in small wedges
·      2 ounces white rum
·      ice
·      2 ounces sparkling water
·      2 ounces Simple Syrup


1.   Add mint and lime in a small pitcher or large glass.
2.   Muddle together for about a minute until all of the juice is squeezed out of the lime and the oils have released from the mint.
3.   Add simple syrup and rum to the mint and lime.
4.   Fill each glass with ice.
5.   Pour half of the mojito mixture into each glass. Top with sparkling water.

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