You are one “pop” ular teacher-DIY Microwave popcorn

It’s teacher appreciation week!!!

We have some big, bodacious plans for our teachers and that means I am running like crazy but loving it!  Surprise, surprise everything is all due this same week.  I am making movies, baking, making jam, planning table scapes, making potluck desserts and planting gardens it is going to be one incredible week!

Here is the first little treat we are giving our teachers. Plan A involved a an outdoor project which had to be postponed due to weather.  BOO!  Figures it has been 80 degrees all week but the one day I need it to be nice it is raining so on to plan B

DSC_0600 copy

I love how these turned out!  Rustic and simple. All you need are brown paper lunch sacks which I ran through my printer.  Pretty neat that you can do that, huh?  Twine and popcorn, now that is a frugal treat! 

DSC_0599 copy

No added fat or chemicals just delicious popcorn!  This is the only way we make popcorn in the castle and it is really yummy! 

No popcorn lung happen here.

Check back for more fun teacher appreciation ideas!

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