Nightowl Slumber party without the slumber

Last week was shear craziness!  Not a little crazy, but an insane crazy, lock me in the looney bin kind of crazy.  We hosted a party for Hunky Hubby's work family so that meant fancy food for fifty on Sunday, and a Waffles and Warm hug class party on Thursday, along with cub scouts the same day so that meant finding fun activities for 50 boys and I thought, "Oh hey you should totally sew 8 super owls for the Girl Scouts for Wednesday because you really have time on your hands!"   

  I have said it before I am only busy 4 weeks out the of the year because everything and I mean EVERYTHING falls the same week. 

I have been wanting to do a Night owl party for awhile now so although my timing is not impeccable it sure turned out cute and once I figured out a pattern and a rhythm it really wasn't too bad.   Clear thread was my BFF for this project.  If I had to keep switching the color of thread it would have taken forever!

I rooted through my fabric stash to create these cuties.  All in all I only had to purchase the stuffing which I overbought so I am pretty sure I can make fifty more in my spare time!

Each owl has the same basic color scheme but I varied each one so they would have their own little personality. 

At end of the party each girl was able to pick out and adopt which owl they liked best.  I printed out a cute little adoption certificate which apparently I didn't save otherwise I would have shared.  

Our girls are little so we only have a short one hour meeting but we had tons of fun making hair things and lip gloss.  Our slumber party didn't include the whole slumber part but the girls thought it was great that we had cereal and milk for snack.  I attached the spoons with Washi tape.  

 I really wanted to etched personalized bowls for each girl but Hunky Hubby helped me say no!

Now that I survived that week I have to wrap up my last few projects here at the House of Sass before Christmas but I really would prefer to be catching some zzzzz's!

Miss Jenny
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