Celebrating Spring and Staff in Style

  It has finally turned from dreary winter to spring and that is cause for celebration!  It is also the final day of Teacher Apreciation week.   I had the opportunity to celebrate our staff in style with a farmers market themed lunch.

One of our staff members drives this unbelieveable vintage truck full of chippy awesomeness.  I knew it just had to be part of our presentation. It is swoon worthy for sure!

The day before the big event the staff received an invite to our market.  Mostly because here in Colorado you can't plan anything in advance or Mother Nature will hear you and mess it all up.

The sweet vintage truck made for the perfect backdrop for our produce stand.

The staff really enjoyed being able to "shop" at each stand.

The tables all had fun famers market themed decor.   This is one of my favorites!

Proof that spring really is here, apple blossoms from our tree on our real farm. 

Don't worry I know the difference between bear and bare this was a cute play on words.  We are the Bears.

These little baby pies were a fan favorite for sure!!  I did label the boxes after I snapped this photo.  Those delectible sweet treats were apple, cherry, blueberry and lemon pies.

Popcorn booth.  I was going to make different carmel corn from scratch but I found these and thought they would be cute and way less work!

The staff enjoyed the break on a crazy Friday.  

 Only 19 days until summer break folks.  You can do this!  

Now it's back to the farm projects.  I have some incredible ones to share including two HUGE barn doors that are to die for!

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