Pretty and Practical Pantry Project

Hunky Hubby and I recently purchased a big, brand new refrigerator for the little farm.  We had been using the one that came with the house and it was tiny and no where near big enough for a family of seven, and it was slowly dying.  Well turns out the new fridge we purchased was a little too big for the space and that meant we had to lose the tiny pantry cabinet we had to make room for it.  Technically it fit in the space but it stuck out too far into the also tiny doorway.  We are planning a full kitchen remodel any how but I needed something that was going to function right this minute!  How about a little impromptu kitchen remodel?  Luckily we had already been making plans so we knew what we wanted to do.  Sometimes life's little mistakes turn out to be a blessing!

We started with this empty space.  It was a perfect spot that only required the addition of one small wall and it didn't impede the flow of the house. 

Just a little frame work is all we needed.  I bought Hunky Hubby a new framing nailer so he was happy to do this project for me.   The addition also really improved the visual roof line it sort of just stopped at a weird angle.

That cabinet is what was in the kitchen area as the pantry.

Framing is done and drywall is up.  The hardest part was making the seam be well, seamless.  It took Hunky Hubby a couple times but he got it pretty darn close to perfect.

A family that works together, stays together, right?!  Little Miss Sass helped with the painting.

Time to add some shelves!

And boom!  There you have it!  Hunky Hubby also added lighting and an extra outlet so I don't have the lug my mixer around. 

Floors will be added soon of course! 

I decided to add a drawer unit to hold all of the baking supplies.  I LOVE it!

 The drawers are super deep and an excellent place to hide all of the ugly snack bags and such.

These fun nesting boxes contain all of the little clutter

The lights add so much to the space!


That top shelf will be kept pretty and decorative because there is a giant barn door with a glass window going in.  Giant as in 4' X8'!  Because although I do love my new pretty and practical pantry I don't want to look at my food all day!

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