New Year and a New Wall

In between the major netflix marathons and fudge binging Hunky Hubby has been wrapping up all of his honey do list.  So exciting to start the new year off with a whole new look on the little farm.

The first big project is a favorite for sure! Breaking out walls is so much fun and has such a tremendous impact on the feeling of our farm. Now obviously you need to make sure your wall is non-load bearing before you break out the sledgehammer but lucky for us the three walls we are taking out are all just for show.  It makes it much less expensive to do, in fact this change was free baby!

This is the small wall that leads from the new dining room to the living room. 

We had to switch up the plan a little because we have two different roof lines and they are connected so we kept a bit of the wall to make it work.

Hunky Hubby is rocking his vacation beard and little Miss Sass is totally cool doing construction in her jammies.

He thought he would go with a punching technique, yeah it didn't work.

The kids have learned so many new skills!  The middle man worked on electrical, and drywall repair.

Breaking out the big guns!

Ummm I don't think it works like that!  This is what we found inside the wall.  They must have cut it by mistake and thought oh heck just throw some cardboard in there it will be fine.  Good thing it was non-load bearing!

Look at that! The light just pours in and makes both rooms feel so much bigger!  We still have to finish up the trim work but man it is so much nicer!!

The view from the front door is so much better too!  The flow works so much better because you don't have to go through the tiny opening in the kitchen to get to the living room.

He also took this snazzy 1990's light fixture out and replaced it with 4 can lights.  Photos coming 

Have a Happy New Year!

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