"I had a Dream," Coup Tour

The long awaited coup tour is here!!  We worked our tails off this summer, from sun up until way past sun down and the rewards are endless.  We still have a ton of projects to finish but we are checking things off the list. I have been planning my coup long before I even had land and a place for chickens.  As usual Hunky Hubby did not let me down.  Some how no matter what I throw at him he makes it happen.  I handed him a paper and an idea and he made my dream a reality!

Welcome to the coup my friends!!

The boys worked hard and learned new skills like roofing on the coup. Looks like they are having fun working hard.

Isn't it sweet? 

The ladies have a 6' X 32' enclosed run to protect them from predators.

I planted a few bushes to give them some shade and protection.  

Cruella De'Ville and Blackberry

This is Honey, Caramel, Flap-a-cino and Maleficent 

Happy Hens lay happy eggs! 

A lovely place to lay an egg.  If I was a chicken I would love to lay my eggs here.

I couldn't be more tickled with my coup and my ladies.  They have recently started laying and every morning we skip out there excited to see the lovely treasure they have left us. 

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