Coolest Teacher Gift

 We finally made it!  School is out for summer, thank heavens because I have been phoning it in for the last couple of weeks.  Its been so hard having my grandmother in a rehab center for her knee and trying to watch my grandfather and balance all of the year end lunacy.

 We were so spoiled with our teachers this year.  They truly were two of the best teachers; who put in so much extra time really getting to know our kiddos and help them thrive. Even our wiggle wart sensory kiddo.   As she likes to say, "wiggle schmiggle as long as they are present and engaged who cares if they wiggle!"  Needless to say I wanted to make sure they too were spoiled so I came up with the "Coolest" teacher gifts.

I picked up a fun colored cooler and found matching snacks for the inside which was actually pretty darn easy. Green must be the in color in the marketing world.

Of course a gift is so much better if it is personalized, right?

 Now that we are on break I swear I will finally finish unpacking those last few boxes and getting the 8000 projects I have started finished.
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