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I feel like I am turning into a country girl amidst the craziness of our life. My grandmother had a full knee replacement surgery a couple weeks ago and then proceeded to fall and require a second surgery which is why I have time to sit around a blog since we are hanging in the hospital.  We have been making a ton of progress on the little farm.  Tons of little projects have been finished but they aren't as exciting as this one. It is starting to look like a sweet little farm full of character and life.

This was our barn when we started.  I has really good bones but has completely lack luster character.  We were toying with replacing it but I like that it was the original barn. As hunky hubby likes to call that, sentimental value.  He tried to say that about his old scary couch he had when I moved in.  I said we should get rid of the hideous monstrosity he said no it has, "sentimental value." I wanted nothing to do with that sentiment so yeah that couch is gone!  

Speaking of hunky hubby this is what he rocked out along with a thousand other things. We had some pallets and ginormous pile of wood that needed to be tackled.  Nothing says, "homestead" like a good old fashion wood pile.

And boom there she is!  Much, much better.  I have always wanted a little red and white barn! I used a sold wood stain and I love how it covered without looking like paint.  The wood hadn't been maintained really well so it was dry, dry, dry and would have soaked up paint like crazy and I was afraid it would look beat up in the weather a little down the road.  I still want to add (and when I say,  "I" you know I mean Hunky Hubby right?) white trim around the jail windows.  I was racing like a mad woman to finish this up and get photos and not get struck by lightning!  This after photo was only taken an hour after the before and those skies are just plain nasty looking.  Now sure I would love the barn with copper cupolas and the bells and whistles but that is $50000 and this is a $160 makeover so for now I will take it! 


Now that I have a cute barn I wanted a horse. This is Howdy Horse.  My grandpa made him a long time ago for my mom, and when she passed away I adopted him but he never had a home until now. 
Up next is my coop.  My secret coop is hiding in the garage just waiting on approval from the HOA. We have an HOA but they are pretty laid back except for adding buildings so it was built in the garage and will become an addition to the barn under the cover of night.  Just kidding as soon as this HOA approves the addition my girls will have a cute coop.  I hope they hurry my chicks are now big fat chickens and they need a place to be.

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