I Want To Say Thank You-Teacher Appreciation week

 This week was chalk full of craziness! On top of our regular craziness it was also teacher appreciation week.  I adore our staff and want to make sure they felt special so with the help of a few friends we put together a week of treats and fun.

Our school is huge and that means we have a ton of staff.  We did a grab and go breakfast which entailed 140 breakfast burritos made with love.  I whipped up that cute little farm fresh eggs sign to go with the rustic farm theme.   Love the ash bucket holding the yogurt.  Did I mention we also have two campuses? Which means everything has to be done twice!

This was a fun little project that was created with the entire student body.  Each and everyone of our students or pretty darn close to it wrote thank you notes to our staff.  Each grade had their own color post it note.  It was very inexpensive with a big impact.

In between all of those events I had to show our teachers some love.  Seriously we have had two of the most amazing teachers this year.  They have meant the world to us and I wanted to do something super special and different.

I had a lot of fun with this project.  I used outdoor vinyl to personalize these fun chairs and attached a note that read, "we hope you get to kick back and relax this summer."

and now I think I will celebrate wine and cozy fire appreciation night

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