Update on the Little Farm

It has been a whole month since we moved into the little farm.  I swear it feels like we just got here. The move was crazy of course, it was a whopping 14 degrees which was a ton of fun.   I know I promised updates but we have been working from sun up until way past sun down trying to get the farm liveable and ready for the grandparents to move in.

We started with the main floor master since this is where the grandparents will be living.  This is the original owners furniture and sweet peach color choice which is all over the entire house.  

The doors and trim have to go!  They are super heavy nice doors just dated but never fear they are going to be used for an amazing project.   Ugh and the peach!!! 

Ahhh much better!  Not even painted yet but so much better!  The walls are painted a greige color.  Not grey or beige but both.  My photos are suckish because I still haven't learned how to use my new lense inside so work with me a little.  

The master bathroom door was super lame! It was a pocket door that didn't close all the way.  The one time I closed it because I thought I was cooler than the door I found my self screaming for help because I was locked in.   Now a gorgeous barn door fills the space.  Hunky hubby made this from scratch and I love it!  It still needs to be sealed but it is up and lovely.  It even opens all the way!

The trim was replaced with lovely six inch trim.  We went with a farm house look and I couldn't be more pleased.

This man is freaking amazing!!  

The bathroom needs a serious update but it technically functions so for now it has to wait.  I don't have a bedroom and a girl has her priorities! 

Speaking of bedrooms check it out!  We have walls and I was even able to work in an office/studio space.  These walls have since been drywalled and are just awaiting texture.

I am loving the Little Farm and all of her quirks.  The best part is watching all of my Pinterest ideas spring to life.  Thanks to these two awesome guys who totally do whatever I ask and are helping me make this place a dream come true.   

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