Moving the House of Sass

It's official The House of Sass is moving!!

We are embarking on a crazy adventure in just 23 days.  

We are selling our gorgeous house that we just moved into less than 2 years ago.  We adored our house and the neighbors and neighborhood were amazing, but we have always longed for property!

This kitchen was so dreamy!!!  I am going to miss it so very much! 

This our new not so dreamy house!  But it does have good bones and we have big, big plans for it.
It is a ranch which is perfect for my grandparents who we are bringing along on this adventure.  They are in their 80's and are needing a little help and they are too far away for us to really give it to them. The plan is they will get the master (sniff) so they will be on the main floor and won't have to worry about stairs and we will make a second master in the garden level basement.   This home is nestled on a gorgeous 5 acres plus open space behind and beside us with views of the Rocky Mountains that make me super giddy.  That and the fact that this chick is finally getting her chickens makes the sacrifice totally worth it.  Who needs a fancy schmancy master when I can live in the basement and have chickens! Right?!

Check out my dreamy kitchen now!  Notice the awesome drawer you can't open unless you open the oven door first. The second we move in we are knocking out two walls and making the kitchen look more like this!

It will be fun to design and incorporate all those little features that I have always wanted.
If you want to follow along on my planning be sure to check out The Little Farm Board on Pinterest
Hunky Hubby has some serious projects he has to do!  First the kitchen and then my coop!  I have my priorities.

It will be perfect timing to get some new baby chicks and ducks! Oh and I NEED my amazing garden that will have to have a gorgeous fence like this so I am not just installing a deer buffet.

The timing is perfect because we will have a few weeks in the new house to rip out carpet, trim, and doors, install new floors and paint to get ready for my grandparents arrival.  My grandmother is having a full knee replacement on the 21st so I want to have the upstairs rooms ready and hopefully one bathroom done so I don't feel like I have to wear flip flops in the shower.

Guess what we are doing for spring break?   Did you guess demolition? We don't need a relaxing beach resort vacation we can wield a sledge hammer and knock out walls.  Feel free to come on over in join in on the fun.  Free beer and pizza!

You are invited to come along as we head through this crazy adventure but hold on it is going to be a bumpy ride!

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