This week's update

A ton more projects were wrapped up this week. It looks a little like we have A.D.D. for house projects but we bounce around a little waiting for things to dry and such, but believe it or not we are getting some stuff done.  I spent the weekend finally organizing the kids rooms.  I couldn't stand it anymore!!  They were destroying them because nothing had a home.  Now I won't be mortified if someone comes over and the kids have no excuses of why their rooms are destroyed.
This horrid mess was in the sun room.  The corner was leaking and the previous owner never caulked it.  Such an easy thing to correct but they left it go until the whole floor was rotted through.  GROSS!!  We cut out the nasty board and replaced it.   That floor outlet was just plain scary it was right in the middle of that soggy mess so it was also replaced.

Much better, even the cement backer board is a huge improvement.

We are installing lovely wooden tiles so it will resist fading and won't have a major mess if we have any future leaks.  I can't wait to load in the furniture and decorate it.  There is a huge lilac right outside the window and I know it will smell heavenly and be a great place to sip a little sweet tea this summer.

My brother came over and rocked his awesome super suit and put the texture on the office and basement master.   Getting closer to having a bedroom!!! Paint has gone up since this shot and we are up to flooring. I also have plans for some barn doors that Hunky Hubby has to build.

Tater is bored waiting for us to finish up all these darn projects so we can play.
 Probably should get cracking on the coop since the girls are getting big!
This week we are taking advantage of the gorgeous Colorado weather and working on a few outside projects like expanding the garden, top seeding and fertilizing the gigantic yard and changing out sprinkler heads.  I wanted to get to the penis bush but I am not sure we will have time before the snow starts flying.  Yes I have an evergreen bush that looks just like a penis, it really does not do much for the curb appeal.  I don't think they shaped it like that on purpose, at least I hope not!
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