Sassy Cork Snowmen

The weather has been absolutely frigid here in Colorado.  A whopping high of 7 and snow makes a girl want to get her craft on.  I am participating in my first craft show in December so this was a perfect opportunity to get a ton of work done.

   Crazy, right?  I love to craft but I have never sold my items.  I am a little nervous, what if they hate them?  Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas if they do!

  Well technically my sassy family is selling them I am running the big event but the sass is all me. 

I have made a huge army of these cute cork snowmen.  Thanks to the generous donation of corks I was able to make a plethora of cute snow people.

I hand sculpted each tiny nose down to the carrot lines. 

Baby it's cold, really, really cold!

I think he is a fun little addition to a nice chilled bottle of wine or a cold beer if that  is more your style.

Wish me luck!

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