School Party-Sassy Style

Another year and another party under my belt.  This year I hosted the third grade party and of course the kids were eggstatic when they saw the crazy science I brought.  Which included flying ghosts (totally my favorite) dry ice, zombie brains, and ghost training. 

Brewing up homemade rootbeer.  No dyes, no junk just yummy fun drinks!  Making root beer is insanely easy but a huge crowd pleaser. 

The kiddos were heading to lunch after the party so I wanted to keep the snacks light and healthy since they probably wouldn't each much of their lunch.  Mummy applesauce squeeze packets, which  I got crazy on sale thanks to the super nice coupon person who left a huge stack of them in the store so I got them for .98 cents!

Ghost cheese sticks as easy as a drawing a sharpie face!

These fun little creations were inspired from Pinterest, but I could find the right cups so I used my push pops and they were even more fun that the original.  I filled it with grapes and two mini marshmallows for the eyes.  Sharpie to the rescue again for the face.  If you want to save these just use rubbing alcohol to remove the sharpie when you are through.

I love how they take on a personality of their own depending on how the marshmallows are squished in.

Ok cheese puffs are not the healthiest choice but cut
 me a little slack it could've been worse.

Simple little "Ghoulaid" favor.  I just glued the printable to the front of an orange packet of Koolaid and attached a paper straw. 

Big D thought the grape ghouls were pretty darn cool!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Wow!! You have planned a stunning kid’s party. My kids also love Sassy Style parties but I haven’t organized themed parties. I always throw ordinary parties. On my daughter’s coming birthday I will definitely hire a party planner to organize a themed party for her.



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