Emergency cuteness-Easter treats


Dang it I forgot again!  The preschool always does a little Easter party for the kids and I can not seem to remember it is coming.  Thankfully a friend mentioned it and I had a whole 2 hours to figure something out in between soccer and dinner.  I work well under pressure, right?

See last year I made emergency Easter play dough, cute eh? 

I could throw some candy in and call it good but I really try and steer clear of candy and clutter.  I know I appreciate that as a mom, don’t you?


So I skewered some cute giant bunny marshmallows on a straw.  Just poke it through and wipe the end off.


Wrap cute scrapbooking paper around a mini water bottle and tie on a little drink mix packet and walla!!  Cute Easter treat. 

Now I could have made a cute little pocket to put the drink mix in and I also could have made a stamp for the topper but this was an emergency and a girl has to do, what a girl has to do.

Happy Easter!

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