Putting out Fires and the Mega S’more

Wow!  All I can say is wow what a weekend.


We got a late start because this happened to the cake I was delivering so I had to come back re-bake the thing and start all over.  Hate that!

Then we lost the handle to our popup on the drive up to our camping spot.  Ummmm yea that is kinda vital it won’t pop-up without it.  Luckily our friends were joining us and the had a pop-up too, so we didn’t have to drive all the way back in to town. We found a great little spot and the camping adventure was in full swing!

Check out our mega s’more!DSC03817     I saw these giant marshmallows and had, had, had to get them.  They are not twice as big but at least 4 times as big as a regular marshmallow.  We thought it would be crazy funny to put these in a cup of hot chocolate!  I think you would only need 4 to make a batch of rice krispie treats, so cool!


MMMMMM golden and delicious!


Now that is a S’More!



So then we get ready to head home and the entire lift system breaks on our popup so we can’t close it!  What else could happen?  Thankfully our really great friends helped saved the day by jumping up and down on it to make it go down. NICE! 

Meanwhile we are trying to get that figured out and the Princess is in the car and I figure she is safe.  NOT!  She thinks the black leather seats need a little sprucing up.  She gets my makeup brush out of my bag, and starts painting.  Wanna guess what she decided to paint with?  Let me just say her new nick name is, Poocaso!  EWWWWWWWW!

And then you will never guess what happened!

No it didn’t catch on fire, but somebody else’s did!  On the way home I round the corner and see a big fancy RV on the side of the road with flames and smoke coming out the side.  I see our friends have pulled over to try and help.  I pull over too and jump out to see what I can do.  I grab a big jug of water out of the car, everyone else is grabbing fire extinguishers.  We are trying everything we can think of to help these people out!  It is a huge RV we can’t get to the top, the fire extinguishers aren’t cutting it so now what?  The fire department is really far away we are in the middle of no where! I remembered our friend had some moving blankets in his car, he runs to get those, and we pour the water I had all over it and I start to hit the flames to smoother it.   Then our friends start to do the same with the other blanket.  Thankfully it is working.  Prince Charming gets there and jumps right in climbs up the stairs to get the high stuff.  Other bystanders are forming a water chain with all of our coolers, and bottled water.  One guy climbs on top of the RV and everyone is passing the water up he is throwing the coolers down, it was a full on little house on the prairie moment. The fire department rolls up right after we put the fire out.  Nobody was hurt and it is nothing a little insurance won’t fix.  Here is to all the strangers to didn’t even hesitate to jump out and help the fellow man!

What an amazing adventure!  I can’t get the dirty clothes out of the pop up because it won’t open, but yet I still have a smile. Not sure if our friends will ever camp with us again, but I bet they will never forget it either!

Crazy weekend huh!

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