I am just Peachy

peachy Hey everyone!

Yea I am still alive it had been a mad house at the castle!

I think it might be a bad winter, because I am starting to hibernate.  No I am not packing on fat and sleeping a lot.  (Ok maybe a litte)

Yesterday I made


Peach Cobbler which just might be a contributing factor on the whole packing on fat thing!


Peach Butter


5 quarts of peaches!!!  

And I have peach honey in the Crockpot as I type. Which sounds so yummy!  Wouldn’t that be great in some nice hot tea?

I also put away six batches of spaghetti sauce.  Today I also want to freeze some rhubarb so I can stretch that into the long dreary winter.

Can you can?  Ha I just wanted to say can-can.


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