Potatoes-Mother Nature’s Treasure


This year I decided to grow potatoes in my new pretty garden. Today we harvested them and we were so surprised at our little crop.  The general idea is you plant the potatoes and when the vines grow you add more dirt to the top until the planter is full. Well  I never got all of the dirt in the planters because we barely got them built between all the tornados, rain and vacation and frankly I got a little lazy.  The sprinkler in one of the planters was being a total pain and the plants weren’t even alive so I wasn’t expecting miracles.




I don’t know how Mother Nature works with potatoes but I am going to say she is pretty bad sass because look at those beauties! The blue potatoes are my favorite!!  What is shocking is the those big fatty daddy potatoes were in the planter that I thought was dead.  Good thing I checked!



We had such a fun afternoon digging to find that treasure.  Every time Little Miss Sass and I found a new potato we would jump up and down and squeal with delight.  Sure our neighbors think we are weird but we don’t care.  We have pretty potatoes!




These were the planters that we used they were not even a quarter full and we got almost 10 pounds of potatoes.  We can’t wait to try this again next year and fill those babies to the top.

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