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Remember when I said we bought a new sassy house last year?  Can't believe it but we are moving one more time, hopefully for the last time!  My grandparents have gotten to the point that they need help.  Rather than send them to live in assisted living we wanted to give them a happy place to call home for the rest of their time here on earth.  We needed to find a place that was easy for them to navigate with some privacy because lets face it I have three sassy kiddos and that can be a lot to handle.  The plan is to sell both of our homes and find a place with land so they can have their own little cottage.  I refuse to make my kiddos move schools so the hunt for the perfect house is tricky.

 I am going to miss my super dreamy kitchen!

We found a great place on 8 acres, with an amazing outbuilding. We won a nerve racking bidding war on this sweet place!  They had animals and it needs a really good cleaning to eliminate the eye watering smell but we can do it!  Either that or we will just live in the outbuilding.

  Think of the chickens I can have!!  Hunky hubby has staked his claim on that outbuilding but he assures me he will build me a sassy coop! 

For the record I hate, hate, hate buying and selling property maybe someday I will be rich enough to have "people" that do that for me but for now it is just me freaking out, fretting, drinking and whatever else it takes to make it through.

Please say a little prayer that our dreams come true and we can provide a great home for my grandparents and  feel free to send wine! I really like masacato!!  If you are in the market for a great home in Colorado check the House of Sass! I might even share my wine with you if you buy mine!

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