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I recently had the honor of putting together a very special event for a family whose son passed away from a tragic illness.  I haven't known the family long but I feel like I have known them a life time.  I can only imagine and the heartache they must be going through so I wanted this event to be amazing.  I know when tragedy strikes in our house it is always nice to know that I have a village of loving people who have my back!

Our new school raised money to put in a new piece of playground of equipment in honor of Dylan and thought a dedication would be nice.  I wanted the playground to be spectacular not only for Dylan but for all of our students.  Everyone deserves to have a nice place to play and our playground was looking pretty run down.  Little did the school know when I want to make something happen it WILL happen!  Yep even if that means we do the work.  Hunky Hubby (who loves when I volunteer him for stuff) and a few new friends got busy painting and planting in preparation of this special event.

Before (well mostly we started on the yellow) 
   After the blue is so much brighter!

These boys spent all day prepping the awnings.

See how blah that yellow was! 

Amazing what a little paint can do!

Concrete stepping stones going from drab to fab

These stones will be stenciled with the letters of the alphabet and rock is on its way.

Such a huge improvement!  The playground was the talk of the school when the kids saw what was going on.  It is amazing what a little paint and love can do for a space.

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