A “Kool” gift for some “Kool” Teachers

It is National Teacher appreciation week all week so don’t forget to thank a teacher.

Here is a simple very inexpensive little thank you gift you can do.


I made a little printable in Photoshop and glued it to the front of a Kool-Aid packet and then taped it to bendy straw.  I made 50 of them for all of the teachers in our school. 

They cost a whopping 20 cents to make because I got the “good” Kool-Aid so it would actually say Kool-Aid on the packet.  Otherwise they would have been 12 cents, but they are worth 8 cents. Right?

Here are some more cute sayings I thought of:

You put the “kool” in school

Thanks a “punch”  put it on fruit punch

You are a “Berry” special teacher put it on strawberry Kool-Aid.

I will make it really easy to make here is my free little printable:

Teacher Appreciation
Teacher Appreciation 6285108530444945615

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