You are Some Bunny special

There is this little church I drive by everyday usually 3 or 4 times a day and they have this sign outside that always has these little quotes.  You know those thought provoking ones that make you stop and think.  You know like “Eat at Joes.”

I am kidding!

They once had one that said something like, “the smallest gesture is more grand than the grandest of thoughts.”  That is not exactly it, but you get right?

I was one that always had these big grandiose plans which meant they usually didn’t happen because I am busy blah, blah, blah.  You know I really hate that excuse because we are all busy and really who is sitting around eating bon-bons? Except maybe the Real Housewives of where ever who aren’t even real housewives.

Anyway I am really trying to change that and just do small little gestures that are really simple to pull together but still make someone feel special.


This is for “some bunny” special that has been helping and encouraging me in my business which has been really great!


A simple but cute little tag.


A package of peeps bunnies and a cute basket is all it took to say thanks and make some bunny feel special.

You could do this for Teacher Appreciation day which is coming up the first week in May.

Teacher Appreciation 5141345999181801119

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