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Hey all!

Man it has been so busy in the castle I haven’t had any time to get any crafting done at all lately.  Darn life is getting in the way of my free time!

It was one of those weekends. We had soccer, lawn work, made giant fake boulders, and book club.  I made a better than sex cake for book club, I am not so sure it is BETTER but it is definitely yummy!

Today I squeezed in a cute little sign for my kitchen. I thought it would be a fun little touch for Easter without being all out in your face Easter.  I like it so much I think I am going to leave it all year round.




No fancy techniques here.  I slapped some white paint on an old board.  You gotta slap it or it doesn’t look right.


I cut out the lettering with my Cricut and used the negative space like a stencil.  Easy Peasy!

Vinyl 5581967148733526933

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