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I am so excited to share this one with you!  I watched patiently hovered while Prince Charming hung it and snapped a picture before he was even off the ladder.


See this adorable architectural piece that now christens the front door of the castle?

Wanna guess what it started life as???


Yep ugly old headboard.  I picked this up for free, Prince Charming rolled his eyes on this one.  It had a weird seashell in the middle of it, but it had really cute lines.


A little wood filler took care of that ugly seashell.  Followed by coat of white paint and some detailing.

I could not be more in love with my free art!  I love the peeling, chipped and worn paint.


The oldest Prince says to me, “ Uh Mom.  You aren’t really going to hang that outside right?  People might ring our door bell looking for a place to stay.”

Ha wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Ok not really, some creepy guy looking for a place to stay.

And yeah I still haven’t painted and I know I shouldn’t hang my art until I paint  but I couldn’t wait.  We are getting there!

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