Cake Stand-Check!

Hey everyone:

My to do list is  a mile long this week but I am checking things off!  Like this cake stand.  I am making a wedding cake/cupcake tower this weekend and needed a fun tower.  This is where being crafty and cake decorator come in handy.  I didn’t have to go out and buy a way over priced plastic piece, I made my own rockin one for way less and with way more personality.

I purchased 3 candle holders to serve as my base.  DSC03729 Yea I know they don’t match but their lines do and we can fix the non matching issue.


Enter Mr. Fix it.  I sanded each one down to give the paint something to stick to and applied 3 light coats.


Awwww see much better already, that gold flake was B-A-D!

Next step.  Super simple tops.  I needed something to hold 150 cupcakes so I needed something big.  Glass is crazy expensive but I had an idea!  Glass table toppers are perfect.  They are round, big and inexpensive.  Plus Prince Charming and I were at a garage sale and guess what they had one!  Score.  Then I picked one up at the store and the third smaller one is one that goes in my favorite Southern Living at  Home Tray so the tops were easy peazy!

DSC03740Now I could attach the glass tops with E6000 glue but I don’t want to ruin my tray so I am attaching them with this.  It will hold them down but will still come off.  DSC03739


I love the final project I hope the Bride and Groom do too!  I can’t wait to add the cupcakes and flowers.  Be sure to check back for the grand finale!

Now back to my list:

1. Cake Stand

2. Make a Movie

3. Meal Plan

4. Cupcake Wrappers

5. Birthday gifts

6. Bake cupcakes

7. Bake Cakes

8. Make Frosting

Uggg it goes on but it is making my stomach hurt just thinking  about it!


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