Time to get Growing

Finally it feels like spring, it is amazing what a day makes! Yesterday I kid you not we had 3 inches of snow, today it is fantastic! I love it. It makes my green thumb start to itch.

The kids enjoy gardening as much as I do. OK, well maybe they mostly like playing in the dirt but who am I to stop them?

I picked up these sweet little pots at the dollar spot in target. Yea I know I could have painted my own little Terra cota pots, but I really like the shape of these. I was looking for a simple project for the kids and I wasn't in the mood to wait for the paint to dry. The kids had a great time planting their seeds, and it is a great lesson to watch them grow from a little tiny seed into something they can eat!

After the kids planted their seeds, the little pots were sitting under our bright sunny window. I was cleaning up the dirt that could easily pot at least 10 more plants that some how managed to make it everywhere other than in the pots and I hear ever so softly, "psst hey lady, yea you. You know you have a whole new order of vinyl and it is ever so colorful, we would look lovely all dressed up." How could I resist? I embellished each little pot for each of the royal children. Note to self perhaps you should listen to your pots and decorate them before they are ever so nicely planted and can't be turned on their sides. They turned out super cute regardless of the fact that they were kind of a pain.


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