The Mom and Pop Shop Galvanized Bin

The prince and I have been working on a new system to help the kids follow the rules. We had a family meeting and had the kids help come up with the rules that we thought we should follow as a family. I am working on a cute visual method of discipline for the boys. The princess is too little but soon she will be included. I am working backwards because I knew what I wanted to do for this part. Basically if the boys are following the rules they will earn one the right to move one space towards the end goal, if they slip they will have to move back one space. At the end of the week if they have reached the end they will be allowed to pick one item from the Mom and Pop shop. I was looking for just a rubbermaid bin when I saw this adorable bin. It was on clearance, and super cute so I bought two! I will find a place for the other one, and I will share it when I am done with it. Of course this was really just an excuse to play with my cricut and vinyl but don't tell anyone.

The boys are super excited to shop in the shop. I just put a few fun little snacks, playdough and games(which I got a .25 cents each WOO HOO!) I also made up some certificates for things like an Ice Cream cone, Breakfast in Bed, No Chores for a day and my favorite a get out of jail free card. This card will let them slip up and if they choose to turn in their card they will have the chance to not move back one space. I haven't even finished and already I have seen an improvement in their behavior so I think I am on to something good! I will share the rest of the project as I get it done.

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