Altered Cookie Sheet Reward Chart

Here is the other half of the project I was working on to help the little prince's follow the rules. I took a Dollar store cookie sheet and turned into a super cute magnetic chart. It was really simple. Sand the cookie sheet a little so the glue and paint will stick. Paint it with acrylic paint. I wanted a rough rustic look so I only did one coat. Once it is dry you simply glue your paper on and embellish as you wish. I found the cute bottle cap magnets at Big lots and thought they would be perfect for this. The boys are so excited! Who knew they would be so excited over something so simple! Should have done this a long time ago. Too bad the princess is still too little to get the idea because she is moving into the terrible twos. Why do they call it that? That must have been before they had a three year old! A three year old can put a two year old to shame in the terrible department! The basic idea is they will start the week at the bottom and work their way to the top. If they are having a bad day they have to move back one space. Then at the end of the week they get to shop in the Mom and Pop Shop. The items in the shop will be color coded so if they are in the yellow they get a smaller prize if they are in the green they get a bigger reward. No reward if you are in the blue and you better not be off the chart or we need to do some serious talking!

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  1. I love it Jenn. I may have to steal your idea. You will have to keep us updated on their behavior! Jalynn NEEDS something for her attitude. Do you or will you also link this to doing well in school? Just thinking because my child is not doing her best in school these days...boredom has set in for her.

  2. We don't have trouble with school, but you bet you can link it to school, attitude whatever. Something we did with the oldest prince was with his last report card we asked him one area he thought he could improve on. It was class participation. If we saw great improvement he could pick something fun to go do. He picked bowling. I ask him everyday how he participated and it seems to work for us.



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