Thinking outside the scrapbook pages

Where are your scrapbooks? Are they hiding in a dark closet? Are they lonely and covered in dust? No one ever said scrapbooks had to be in books or even on paper for that matter. It is time to think outside the pages.
There are so many ways that you can create scrapbooks that are not really scrapbooks at all. Do you have a floor tile lying around after a remodel? You can use this to create a beautiful scrapbook page that once placed in a plate stand becomes a beautiful display. How about a railing post? Cut this into 4 X 4 squares and create a set of blocks that any baby would fight you for, stack them on a table and you have a fantastic photo arrangement.
The possibilities are endless, with a little creativity and glue. You will want to use a really good permanent adhesive when gluing on non porous surfaces otherwise your creation will slip right off. When covering a large surface you might consider using Mod Podge. Apply a medium coat on the non porous surface, attach your paper or photo, then run a paper towel over it to remove any excess. You will need to remove any air bubbles otherwise your paper will bubble up. To do this you can either use a brayer which is a heavy roller or something like a bone folder or even a credit card works great, simply roll or drag your chosen tool over the entire surface and your all set. You can seal the top of your project by brushing a coat of mod podge over the entire surface. Don’t worry it dries clear and the tiny bubbles will disappear. Don’t be afraid to add textured elements, simply attach them with heavy duty glue, just as you would on a traditional scrapbook page. If you are creating blocks you can hammer metal object directly into the wood. Rub-ons are fantastic for this application, this month’s kit has some beautiful rub-ons; not to mention the fantastic paper and brads.
This is a fantastic trend and you really have to be part of it. A great book to check out, Photo Décor by Donna Downey. Her book is full of heartwarming ideas and the instructions to complete your own version.

These are some fun photo tiles I made, to showcase the kids. I just love looking at them. Aren't they cute! I used my cricut and vinyl on these tiles. They were some I had laying around after a project.
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