Baby it's Cold-Fire Starters

On this Black Friday I am not fighting crowds and craziness just to get a few dollars off.  Instead I am staying in and wrapping up as many of my projects as I can that I have going for Winterfest.  I only have two days left before I have to focus solely on the Winterfest itself.  You know things like building an igloo!

I finished up packaging these charming little fire starters.  

Those tiny little pinecones make my heart swoon!

Sometimes simple is best.  I love the brown paper packages and twine.  Once again sticking with my theme of, "Baby it's cold," which is pretty perfect for fire starters! I really wanted these to be something you can give to a special guy in your life because dudes are crazy hard to buy for, let alone craft for. They like things that explode and such and since I can't make that happen at least they get to play with fire!  Definitely better than underwear, right guys?

This is just one little disk

 Not only are they cute but they are are extremely functional as well!  Each disk will burn for 10 minutes or so giving you plenty of time to add kindling to get a blazing fire going!  We always take them camping just incase the weather is damp we can always get our fire going.  

Easy and pretty inexpensive to make by the hundreds!  

Happy Crafting,

Miss Jenny

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