Hotel Transylvania Library Transformation

It's that time of year again.  The time of year where I use ever ounce of magic I have and all of the spells in my books to pull off amazing feats!   Our school hosts a stellar Fall Festival and for the past two years I have taken on the task of haunting our library.  This years theme is Hotel Transylvania, a fun quirky theme that is just a little spooky but not terrifying. 

Our reservation desk was created using boxes and foam.  The phone I found at target and it was PERFECT for our hotel. 

This was a fun effect.  I found a Hotel Transylvania .gif file and a projected it on the wall.

I wanted to create walls so it didn't feel like a library.  We used a giant sheet of cardboard that was donated by Lowes.  We used a pvc frame to make it free standing  and collapsable so we could fit through the door way. When I say we I mean hunky hubby, I am in charge of crazy ideas he is in charge of implementing crazy ideas!  I hot glued the trim pieces on which the home builder in the area threw away.  It's like it was fate!  I used foam to create the funky frames and printed some creepy photos. 

You might not want to sit in our sitting area. 

This cozy fireplace was created by a friend. 

This lovely pipe organ was created by another friend and was a perfect addition to our dining hall!
I love the new poseable skeleton I bought!  He is more fun to play with than the elf on the shelf!

Can't have a hotel without a haunted room.  Check out the "legs" on the bedside table! 

A little light reading always helps you sleep better!

Our oldest sassy kiddo had so much fun spooking our guests.  It was dark enough and there was so much to see that people would miss him and then he would talk and they would scream!  What 12 year old boy wouldn't love that?

Come sit a spell, it looks inviting right?

Our haunted elevator was amazing!!  Seriously crazy what you can make with cardboard and foam!!   The finger pointing to the 13th floor cracks me up.

We added the big chain to keep the visitors out. 

There you have it!  The kids and adults had a great time exploring Hotel Transylvania.  Now to start thinking about next year! 

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