Curvy Girl’s Rule

I finally found my curvy girl that I have been looking for!!!  I have searched for years looking for the perfect piece to refinish for my buffet and finally after stopping on a whim at a church garage sale I found her.
She isn’t much but she has great bones.  She was curvy and real wood but I wanted her to be a little less expensive since she was pretty beat up. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to put any effort in to her, so although I thought she was nice I left her standing there. 
All night I couldn’t stop thinking about her, kicking myself for not picking her up!! What is wrong with me?  She has great bones, she is 9 drawers just like I wanted, why on earth didn’t I bring her home?  She wasn’t even all that expensive, and need I remind you she is real wood!
So you would think I got up the next morning and ran to get her.  Nope, I left her hanging, I was playing hard to get.  I forced myself to stay home and clean my house and leave it up to fate. 
Were we meant to be together???
DSC_0277 copy

You bet your sweet bippy as my Grandmother would say!  I am so glad I looked beyond her imperfections, and brought her home.  She is just gorgeous with her makeover.  I painted her with white chalk paint and sanded the top down because someone had tattooed her with Amy hearts B.  Not that I don’t appreciate Amy’s love but it just didn’t go with my whole décor. I was going to paint the whole thing white but after sanding the top down and seeing how gorgeous the wood was I stained the top with ebony stain and three coats of poly.
Want to guess how much I paid for her?
Yep, $30.00 and a little sweat equity and I am the proud owner of curvy gorgeous girl!
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  1. Oh my Gosh! That is beautiful!!!! So glad you recused it!



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