We think it, “izze” really AW-some that you are 16!!


Hey all!

Just wanted to share the world’s easiest gift!  Besides cash but cash is boring, not that I wouldn’t take cash but you know me I like to give creative gifts.

This weekend my awesome nephew turned 16, well he turned 16 a bit ago but we celebrated this weekend.

As usual I waited until the last second and I  had a late night epiphany.  I do my best work in my sleep, especially under pressure!


What teenager doesn’t want a bucket of soda???


Some Izze soda…..Don’t tell me if it is pronounced Izz-ee, because then it just doesn’t make sense.  I decided it should be pronounce, “is” with a silent e, because then it works!


A few A&W’s because they are AW-some!


and a quickie tag and you have a perfect gift for a teenage boy.

Teacher Appreciation week is next week and this would work great for that too.  We think you, “Izze” an AW-some teacher! 

Unless it is pronounced, Izz-ee and then your teacher will think you are just weird.

I don’t know just go with it!

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