Magical Peanut Butter Middle Cookies

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and Prince Charming is working so the kids and I decided to make some cookies. 

I pinned this recipe awhile ago and thought today would be a great day to break it out.  I used to make these when I was a kid. As I was making them it was fun to reminisce and along the way I remembered why I only make these every 15 years or so. 

“What?, I was a kid 15 years ago!! Ok, so maybe it was more like 20, maybe even 25, but really who is counting?”

Reason #1  They are so incredible I could easily eat the entire plate in one sitting.  Fine 15 years ago, not that my mom would have let me and now I am an adult and have the authority to eat the whole darn plate if I want, I can’t. It goes right to my knees.

“Yes I have fat knees!”

Reason #2 They are kind of a pain to make, delish yes, but I am not going to lie they are not the easiest cookie in the world to make. It is hard to make the chocolate cookie the right size to stuff the peanut butter filing inside and wrap around it without squishing all the peanut butter out.


This is the recipe I used, it is the same as I remember, which I think was originally from Jif Peanut Butter. 

I doubled the recipe and still only got 42 cookies, and had a ton of the filling leftover I am sure it has a lot to do with the fact that some these cookies could feed two people. Maybe one, if no one is looking and you shove the whole thing in your mouth before you get caught!

It is for the best though, please refer back to reason number 1!! 

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