Scrappy Tutu Bow Holder


I am cleaning out my craft room and finishing up some unfinished projects.  The little Princess is starting to really love hair things so I wanted to find a way to corral those pretties.  See that cutie pa-tootie brown dot one?  I whipped that up today while I was cleaning out my stash.   I made it from part of a skirt that I had altered. 

I picked up the cute hanger at Hobby Lobby for .25 cents they had a ton of them, I should of bought more.  Oh well.  I used fabric scraps to make it look like a little skirt, and then attached the fabric rosette on the hanger which was a little something I had stashed that I took off a dress.  It was too poufy it looked like I was trying to make up for my lack of anything exciting on my chest. 

I love when inspiration hits me. Sometimes it takes awhile I have been sitting on this project just waiting for something awesome to happen for a year.

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