Strawberry Infused Vodka

It is so busy over here I have decided to take up drinking.  Well maybe just a sip or two.

Seriously this month I am planning a camping trip for 70 people, two birthday parties, and a big event that  I can’t talk about.  It is hush hush.

So yeah I just may need a drink after it is said and done.


For one of the events I am making strawberry infused vodka.  I wanted to do cranberry but those aren’t in season and I didn’t have any in the freezer, so strawberry it is.

All you need is strawberries and vodka.  I went with a medium grade vodka not the super cheapy stuff but not the really expensive stuff either.  I don’t know that it matters but I didn’t want it to be gross.


Fill the jar with the strawberries and then pour vodka all the way to the top, put the lid on and shake.  Put it in the fridge and shake every once in awhile for a day or so. 


Pour the contents of the jar into a strainer lined with coffee filters so you catch all of the strawberry bits, and you will wind up with this pretty vodka.  I like it in the mason jar it reminds me of moonshine.  Only this will taste delicious and not like gasoline.

I don’t really know what moonshine tastes like I am just guessing here.

You can make an incredible drink by mixing a lemon lime soda, strawberry vodka and a twist of lime.  So light and refreshing and goes down way too easy so be careful.

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