Sleep Tight Baby-Sleep Sack and Baby Cuteness

Hey all!

You know whoever coined the phrase, “the lazy days of summer” was a big fat liar!  It is already almost July and the summer is almost half over and I haven’t been lazy even one day. 

What the heck?

Maybe I am just doing it wrong?


This weekend I had 2-31 parties, 1 spa party at the house and a baby shower.  I whipped up this fun gift ensamble for my friend’s baby shower.  She reads my blog, so I could post it up until after her shower.  

Everyone say, “Hi Chantielle!”

Ok, you got me. That wasn’t all that was keeping me from posting. I really didn’t finish this until right before shower so I couldn’t post it up until now.  You know me all to well!


I really do work the best under pressure.  I was just going to make the cute flannel lined sleep sack, but I had a little fabric leftover and so I whipped up the cute matching onesie.  Their last name starts with an H.  She doesn’t know what she is having so it was hard to come up with something but once I got started I couldn’t stop. 

I love baby projects!


And then I thought why not make a really cute matching photo hanger.

( I am completely addicted to making these clips.  I will share more this week!)

I know, I know what baby doesn’t want to not only have a matching onesie and sleep sack but now he can even match his room.  And yes I said, “he.”  My baby predictor is pretty darn accurate.  And besides we did the whole hair and wedding ring trick. That is completely accurate, right?

I wish I could give you a tutorial on the sleep sack.  But seriously it was little like rocket science! And just for the record those bows are completely sewn down so they will not be strangling the baby, just incase you were thinking of sending me a little hate mail.

sewing 1783605011690643481

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