A little Cozy Cup of Coffee


Yesterday our high was oh 11 degrees Fahrenheit.  Definitely a great day to break out my snazzy coffee cozy.  I made a zillion of these for Christmas and they got rave reviews.  Wait till you bust it out at the coffee shop, you are sure to get ooo’s and ah’s for sure.

When my mom was in the ICU I used mine and the owner about tackled me to ground to look at it.   This is a really easy sewing project and perfect for beginners.

Here is what you need:

    • Outside fabric
    • Inside fabric
    • batting
    • 2 buttons
    • elastic hairband
    • Thread
    • Sewing machine


Step 1:  Make your pattern.  I used the paper sleeve off a Starbucks cup.  Lay it on a piece of paper and trace around it leaving about a 1/4 inch on all sides.


Step 2.  Cut the following pieces the exact size of your pattern remember we already added the seam allowance.  You will need 1 outside layer, 1 inside layer and one of batting.


Step make a stack like so.  Your inside fabric and outside fabric should be right sides together with your batting on top of that.  You can pin it in place if you would like.


Step 4.  Cut an elastic hairband in half so you wind up with two pieces like so.


Step 5: Before you sew your cozy make a loop with half of your hairband and place it in between inner and outer layer of your stack.  Pin in place.  Sew through all of the layers leaving about 2 inches to turn everything right side out.  I like to go back and forth over the elastic hairband a couple times to make sure it stays.


Step 6: Turn everything right side out.  Pin your opening closed and top stitch the opening closed and all the way around your cozy.


Step 7: Sew your buttons in place.  You can check your sizing around a cup or just eyeball it.  I like to go in about an inch so it will over lap and fit multiple size cups.  I sewed both buttons on at the same time so the were in the same spot and hid the knot from the thread.


That is it your done.  You have made a reversible coffee cup cozy. To secure it around your cup just wrap it around your cup and slip the hairband around the button. 

My friend Kristen says it makes a great beer cozy too, and really who doesn’t want a pretty beer?

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