A Well Fed Reindeer is a Happy Reindeer

Only 3 more days of our Christmas countdown thank goodness awwww man.  Today we made Reindeer wreaths.  They were super simple, and really darn cute.  I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy, I am always hanging something in ice off my tree limbs. 

(Whatever I thought my neighbor was totally crazy when he snow blowed his lawn at 10 o’clock at night, yep his lawn.  So who are they to judge my hanging veggies?)


All you need is a bowl, a cup, and sliced carrots.  Place the cup in the center of the bowl, layer the carrots around the cup and fill the cup with water to weigh it down and then fill the bowl with water and freeze.  Once it is frozen you unmold it by running the underside of the bowl under warm water.  Add a simple ribbon hanger and their you have it.

You could also use a bundt pan but these are tiny reindeer and it would take them for ever to eat all that.

Thanks goes to How Does She for this really cute and easy project!

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