Good Grief and The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Phewww do you ever have those weekends when you are thankful when Monday comes?

We sure do and this weekend was one of them hence the lack of posting.  I think I was home to sleep this weekend and there was not a lot of that happening and that was about it. 


I kinda feel like ranting like this!!!  LOL



We had two soccer games, and don’ t let those pretty blue sky’s fool you.  It was so cold and windy I thought I might end up in Kansas!




How about a Rodeo?  We squeezed in a bike rodeo in between those games.


Heck we have nothing going on, why not hit the pumpkin patch while we are at.  We have a tradition with our friends that we meet every year at the pumpkin patch. 



Luckily the rain held off long enough to squeeze in some fun photos!


Why it is the great pumpkin Charlie Brown. I have time to kill why not whip up a cake for my SIL’s birthday what is family for! 


And just to make sure I don’t have one unscheduled second how about book club!  Great book by the way!

I will be back on track with some more fun crafty stuff tomorrow!

Good Grief!

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