Eeeek Spider Cookie Bouquet

I think I can, I think I can………

I am almost there only one more party to go and I have everything ready! 

Do you ever wonder what Martha Stewart was like when her kids were in school?  I bet she always brought something really fun.  She had to right?  No way could people know she was Martha Stewart and let her bring a box of Oreos or something.  I know she wasn’t always famous but I think she was when her kids were little.

DSC_0415 Ok I am not saying I am Martha or anything but I think these turned out really darn cute.   I think she would be proud!  I made these for the Youngest Prince for their preschool snack.  These took quite a bit of time due to the drying factor and you have to be patient I wasn’t at first and a couple stuck but I worked it all out.DSC_0416

I added a sweet little spider that was cut with my cricut to the wrappers.

I used a recipe from one of my favorite food blogs.  I did add an extra tablespoon of milk because it was super dry  and wasn’t coming together.  Other than that their recipe was perfect, and tastes fantastic!

Check out the recipe here.


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