Let’s Par-Teeeeee

Dear Whimsical Princess readers:

My mommy is still recovering from my big birthday bash so I thought I would stop in and share all the fun with you.  We wish we could invite everyone but we can’t fit 20,000 readers in the castle.

DSC03576  Here is the super cute bunting  and tissue paper pom-pom’s that I love!


My mommy used her cricut to cut and create these personalized cupcake wrappers just for me.

DSC03578 DSC03580

We dined on ham and cheese pockets, pizza pockets and pigs in a blanket.  We served the dipping sauce in sweet little mason jars.

DSC03579 DSC03581

Cute little bins from the dollar store were perfect for holding all of our plates and such.

My  mommy is so sad she forgot to take a picture of the most adorable part!  She made mini cake truffles in the shape of cupcakes as a parting gift for everyone and we ate the leftovers so fast she didn’t have a chance .  Guess we will have to make more!

369 edit take 3

My mommy thinks I am the best gift ever. Thanks Chantielle for taking my cute pictures!


My mommy swears this is why God made little girls.  She says she could eat me up in this little tutu with a little bit of ranch.  You don’t think she is serious do you?  This is one of my favorite dresses I think it is so cute and apparently so does everyone else because I got two.

Do you think it makes my tush look big?

Anyway thanks for coming to my party hope you enjoyed the highlights.  My mommy will be back with more fun projects soon.


The little Princess

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  1. aaaw so cute!!! 'does my tush look big'... hilarious!!!

  2. Love the cupcake wraps! Makes me want to purchase a cricut!
    Good job!~

  3. How adoreable! Love her little tutu dress!

    I need to use my cricut soon...I bought one last Black Friday and have not even made one project with it...shame on me!

  4. Omg Rambling girl you have got to break that baby out! I actually shed a tear when my first one died, I still have it I can't let it go LOL.

    Crystal everyone needs a cricut!



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