Picking up Pretty Girls on the Side of the Road!

I was out driving around when I saw this sad looking girl on the side of the road. There she was I spied her, I looked her up and down. Prince Charming gave me the stink eye and kept driving, he knew what was on my mind.  We arrived at our destination and I tried to put her out of my mind.  I couldn’t I knew she was out there standing alone, I left Prince Charming and thought, “oh I will just drive by and see if she is still there lonely and sad.”  She was still there so car seats were moved and I helped that sad girl into my car.  I know you shouldn’t pick up strangers but she was all alone what was I supposed to do?  I stopped by to pick up Prince Charming. He saw me coming the hatch is open he shakes his head, the kids jump out and tell him how they had to help me get that girl in the car.  I thought I took a picture of that sad and lonely girl but alas I forgot.  She had pretty features but was kind of plain.  I took that poor girl home and gave her a makeover……


Isn’t she lovely?????

DSC03553 DSC03554  

She was originally that orange brown stain color, I sanded her down and gave her a pretty new cottage chic look.  I switched out those plain Jane knobs for some cute stylish ones.  I picked those knobs up at Hobby Lobby.  They carry the most adorable knobs I have ever seen! 



I rubbed and sanded her until she was perfectly distressed.


Dressed her up with some cute new accessories, and made a place in my home for her. 

Prince Charming hasn’t seen her yet and he will probably strangle me since this is the 4th table I have had here, but I do love her so hopefully he will understand.

She didn’t cost me anything except the knobs and those were only around $4.00 each.




Thrift finds 9050159980625824595

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is sooo funny! I love what you did with the "sad, lonely girl!" This is too cute!

  2. I love her too!!!! you can't beat it for that price! I will never have an expensive coffee table. My kids toys destroy them!!!

  3. SHE Is beautiful!!!!! You did a GREAT job, and my hubby gives me similar looks when I want to get things off the side of the road. I have several things in my garage ready to play with!

  4. Yea hey Kristen thanks for coming by!!! I love your photography tips they are awesome.



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