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I couldn’t take it any more my pantry was obscene!!!  So obscene there is no way I was showing you a before picture.  We will just say that two bags of trash came out of there.  In my defense I did get rid of all the boxes that everything was in but still.  So today you get no cool craft because this is what I was doing all day.

I swear you can hear angels sing when you open the doors.   I still need to cut the labels for the jars but they will have to wait I am supposed to be working on the party for the Princess.  And no I am not just out of groceries.  I actually moved food that was in different areas into my pantry because those jars were so much more efficient than my previous system.  Which involved a lot of stuffing.  Hey it is a system, right?

It all started when I picked up those super cute vintage canning jars and I saw this…….

  pantry ps  AMAZING!!!! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with those cute vintage canning jars but then I saw this amazing pantry and I knew exactly what to do with those cuties! Ok mine isn’t quite as cool as hers, but it sure is heck of a lot better and mine is only so big and I think Prince Charming might have a heart attack if I started painting things in there.   I would love to find some cool wooden crates if anyone sees any do share.

To go check out more of her amazing blog click on the photo or go to the link on my sidebar.


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  1. I love your pantry...I have been wanting to do something major something to my glob so now I just need to start....I love yours!!!



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