The Whimsical Princess has gone to Italy

Ciao everyone!

I am so excited,my little ol blog has traveled all the way over to Italy.  A sweet Italian blogger named Barbara featured my memory tray on her blog.  Isn’t blogging great I never thought I would be in Italy.


I am so flattered I will have to come out and thank you personally!  When are you free?  I am up for some Italian food anytime.

You can check out Barbara’s blog here:


Thanks for the link!

Here is a fun little project for the kids today!

Balloon Bean Bags


You will need the following:

  • Balloons 3 per bean bag
  • Rice or beans or something like it
  • Funnel or something like it.  We used a water bottle and cut off the bottom work perfectly!
  • Sharpie or something blunt to push the rice with

Excuse the ever changing colors of  balloons I made a million with the kids and shot pictures when they weren’t screaming about whose turn it was!


Step 1:  Inflate and then deflate a balloon to stretch it out.


Step 2:  Place the opening of the balloon on the funnel and fill with rice. 

DSC03203     Step 3:  Use a sharpie or something like it to poke the rice down into the balloon until you get it as full as you like it.


Step 4:  Snip off the very tip of the balloon so it doesn’t make a bump in our bean bag.  Fold down that end.

DSC03208Step 5:  Snip the entire top of the balloon where you would inflate it.   


Step 6:  Take one of the balloons that you cut and stretch it around the filled balloon so the open end is now covered.  Repeat with the final balloon.  For fun with the last balloon don’t go all the way around and you will have a two color bean bag.


Step 7:  Send the children off to play with their new balls while you clean up the giant rice mess!  I never said this was going to be a clean project, but it was fun nonetheless!

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