A little privacy please!

DSC03117 (Please excuse the totally beat up cover that is next on the list)

This is a fun little project Prince Charming and I put together to give us some privacy in our hot tub. We live in one of those neighborhoods where our neighbors are practically right on top of us, so it we only went in the hot tub after dark. Now I can enjoy it anytime with out feeling like the neighbors are getting a show.

I planted this fire Honey Suckle 6 years ago on this little cheapo trellis, needless to say it had long outgrown it and we had a big spring storm that broke the trellis all to heck. The problem was we couldn’t come up with a nice trellis design that was sturdy and unique. Neither of us really wanted the plain basic trellis so that left my poor little honeysuckle all droopy and neglected. I was determined to do something with it before it bloomed. So I hopped on Craigslist and look up trellis hoping to find a piece of the boring stuff for a good price so I could at least do something with it. Well I didn’t find anything boring I found something extraordinary! There was an iron artist getting rid of some of his pieces so we hopped in our truck to take a peek. He had some amazing pieces and the price was awesome!!! We picked up two pieces of iron fence for $20.00 each and Prince charming went to town with the design.


The two segments were not even in length so he cut the longer piece down to match the other piece. We set the two cedar posts in the ground and attached the bottom piece of fence. Next we flipped the second piece over and attached it to the top of the posts. We finished it off with a decorative little topper. I primed and painted the wood with some oops paint I picked up for $3.00. I LOVE IT! DSC03116

It has everything I wanted, character, charm, privacy, and a nice place for my honeysuckle. I love when design stuff falls into my lap especially for a great price. The total cost of this project was $75.00! I can’t wait until my honeysuckle covers the whole thing. I would like to add some hooks for our towels so they won’t fall on the ground which they always do and I am sure that is quite the sight of me hanging like a monkey out of the tub to reach them because I don’t want to get out and get cold!DSC03115


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  1. I am so glad I found your blog!!! You have made some of the cutest things!! I had so much fun looking at your cricut projects! I want one so bad!!!


  2. I am glad you found me too! I love my cricut I use it almost everyday. Try ebay my friend just got the big nice expression for $150.00 including shipping!



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